don’t watch anything with tom hiddleston in it because you will fall in love with him and die and be reborn as a demon whose sole purpose is to destroy the man who caused you such pain


Nicest man alive [x]

Tom Hiddleston on the set of Crimson Peak

Tom Hiddleston sings Bear Necessities x



'thank you. see you soon.'

But what makes a great villain?

Love After Love by Derek Walcott
Tom Hiddleston - The Love Book


Poems that make men cry - Sunday Times Magazine - Mar 30, 2014

Tom Hiddleston | Love After Love, by Derek Walcott

I read this poem often, once a month at least. In the madness and mayhem of modern life, where every man seems committed to an endless search for the approval and esteem of his fellows and peers, no matter what the cost, this poem reminds me of a basic truth: that we are, as we are, “enough”. Most of us are motivated deep down by a sense of insufficiency, a need to be better, stronger, faster; to work harder; to be more committed, more kind, more self-sufficient, more successful. But this short poem by Derek Walcott is like a declaration of unconditional love. It’s like the embrace of an old friend. He brings us to an awareness of the present moment, calm and peaceful, and to a feeling of gratitude for everything we have. I read it to my dearest friends after dinner once, and to my family at Christmas, and they started crying, which always, unfailingly, makes me cry.