25:  My idea of a perfect date:

oh lorrrrrrdddd. iunno man so many. like just chilling at home with a whole bunch of video games and movies, lots of junk food and just relaxing and having fun. and then if we’re talking super fancy ones, DRIVING OUT OF THE CITY AND CAMPING OUT UNDER THE STARS AND TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS AND IT’S NICE AND QUIET AND NO LIGHT POLLUTION das great too. 

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i kNOW??? i aM litERAlly tHE WorSt pErSOn oN EARTH!!!!

You are really annoying and the only reason I tolerated your shit blog was for the Hiddleston content but now you've gone and replaced it with your shit interests I can finally unfollow you :)


here u go

the words "FUCKING HIDDLESTON" tattooed across your chest

that’s pretty accurate tbh

I'm a poet. Mostly. Unemployed too, yay! And of course, now and then my poems keep getting sent back. And my job applications go unanswered. And I wrote about my sort-of-crush for you, when you asked, thinking "hey! at least that will be something!" and even that didn't go up on your blog. Wow, what a downer! Not holding it against you at all, you're fun. But you've got to raise a glass to Life's "Screw you" phases! What the hell. Cheers!

wait what happened???????

I PUBLISHED ALL THE ASKS I RECEIVED THOUGH all except one which i replied privately since the person forgot to put it on anon and asked me to reply privately 


i feel terrible now damnnnnn 


I'm not sure if you're still interested in reading about crushes, but this just hit me and I can't stop laughing so I have to share. I was talking to a friend the other day, and he said he used to have a crush on me a long time ago, but not anymore, BUT our other friend, he's sure "Has a crush on you, he just doesn't know it yet." At first I just went 'Pssh, whatever', but then it hit me. I know those words. Those are familiar words. I've read those words. MY FRIEND SHIPS US TOGETHER!! Laughing


shipping real people is hilarious tbh

i'm sorry to bother you if you're tired of reading about crushes but i just need to tell someone. so, he's a guy from my class and he's just that kind of person who can make me laugh and forget my shyness. and we have inside jokes that no one else gets, but he has some kind of friends with benefits thing going on with this other girl who is super jealous and possessive of him and since i don't want any love triangle problems i just keep silent about my feelings. but i like him a lot, i'm dumb.

no no no, don’t be sorry! my askbox is always welcome if you need to talk to someone or just rant :D

aww sweetheart, he sounds absolutely great! people who make you forget your shyness are the best kind of people to be around. 

i’m sorry about the friends with benefits sort of thing, but remember - it IS just a FWB relationship, not boyfriend or girlfriend. FWB is supposed to be for fun. they’re not exclusive, and especially if this girl is possessive, then she she shouldn’t be since the whole point of a FWB relationship is no emotional baggage and attachments. and let’s face it, if he liked her that much, wouldn’t he be dating her? 

personally, i think you should tell him about how you feel, and see where it goes from there! i know it’s daunting, but you have everything to gain, and if he doesn’t reciprocate, at least you’ll still be friends, right? you never know until you give it a go! :DD

I have a crush on this guy that my best friend also really likes.he's a lovely guy but he's drunkenly slept with both of us (on different occasions) even though he's been clear that he doesnt fancy either of us. I need to move on but I dont know how

I’M SORRY ANGEL that really is just a terrible situation to be in. and honestly, that guy doesn’t seem like he’s worth either of your time to tell the truth. what a jerk ):<

it’s good that you realise that you need to move on, but i know how difficult that can be. the main thing is to not think about him - occupy yourself with other stuff. go out with friends, go party and chill and relax and take your mind off this guy. give it time, and it’s the first step to moving past this guy who clearly just toyed with both you and your best friend.

good luck with everything sweetheart, and remember: distance and time is the key. who knows, maybe you’ll find someone much more worthy of your time :D

I have a crush on this guy, he's really hot and when it's just me and him he's really nice and sweet, but when we're with anyone else he starts being weird and a bit of a perv, we walk home together and he's really nice but when we're in school he never really talks to me, I don't even know if I still like him really...

well, guys can be guys, and i know a lot of people act differently when they’re around others or in large groups. someone’s who’s hot and cold can really suck, especially if you have feelings for him.

i mean, it does seem like this guy has a case of not wanting to act the same way around you when around others, so maybe you should talk to him about it? help settle your mind (:

The last couple months we were friends it definitely felt like he was pushing me away to the point where he acted like he didn't even know me and accusing me of things that I would never do. I stopped talking to him because I couldn't trust her and I couldn't trust him. I want say happy birthday but I feel like it's going to open up a wound that's barely healed.

i do think that you should confront him about it. it seems like he’s being defensive because of his girlfriend, and that’s not good. confront him and ask him why he’s treating that way, and tell him that it upsets you and you don’t understand what you did to cause it. 

however, if you don’t think you can trust him again…. well that’s a whole different matter. maybe you should ask yourself - is this friendship/crush worth it if he’s causing you this much pain? maybe you should take a step back and do what’s good for yourself, which might just be cutting these two out of your life? i know personally, there was someone who i stopped talking to, and immediately i became a lot happier on a regular basis. maybe that could be the answer for yourself?

One time I was buying a coke at a gas station and this body brushes past me and mumbles, "Sorry..". At first I'm annoyed right? Who actually owns boots like that? Then my eyes go up: faded dark wash jeans on skinny hips, a leather jacket that looks like he's owned since 16, swept back hair, and (UNf) horn rimmed glasses. The kill shot was when he walked out to his 1960-70's motorcycle (explains the boots) throwing his friend a snack cake with a wide smile. He was a lab experiement gone right.

oh my god i think i’m swooning this guys sounds absolutely delicious!! UGGGH SWEPT BACK HAIR AND 60S/70S LOOK PLEASE GURL

lucckkkkyyyyy hope you get to see him again!! he sounds like a huge eye candy!!

I dated a girl back in 2008. When hers and my parents found out, they were furious. Her parents made her move two states over to get away from me. It's been years, and I miss her. But heaven forbid I date a girl who's "crazy"...< my parents' words.

woah woah woah

firstly, let me say that her parents should’nt have done that. they had no right and that is a huge and extreme measure to prevent their daughter from dating someone. 

you know what? if you’re old enough, go out and visit her! meet up with her again! your parents shouldn’t dictate who you get to see - it’s your relationship, not theirs. 

i hope you do get to see her again sometime, and i’m so sorry this happened to you guys, but remember, your relationship has nothing to do with your parents. as much as they want to, they shouldn’t have the majority say on who you want to spend your time with. 

good luck with everything! i’m gonna be right here and hoping everything turns out good for you!

There's this guy I'm studying with, for a semester we were just very good friends, and then one day we were watching films at his place and I missed my last bus and as we lay talking in his bed in the dark he kissed me -myfirstkissohmyGod- and we kind of just rolled into "friends with benefits" and although he's a jerk to others sometimes he's my favourite person I know. I kinda wish we had something more exclusive than this, but a full-on relationship probably just wouldn't work for us.:3

(more from the friends with benefits student anon) I think the best part is how I know I can trust him without reservations, he had my back in a pretty pathetic moment at least once, and boy does he rock that ginger-ish beard. (he’s far from perfect and some of my friends find him unattractive, but I still enjoy looking at him, with all his flaws.) And you’re awesome for replying to our crush confessions, with that enthusiasm and warmth and good advice, rock on and all the best to you. <3

ahhhh oh my god that sounds so adorable!! first kissssssssssssssssss ahhhhehfjkahkdfjhfhadkghad

and dw, friends with benefits are great and it can be heaps of fun to just muck around and not worry about the emotional baggage.and who knows, sometimes FWB turn out evolving into something more ;)

dw what your friends think about his looks, you enjoy it girl and you enjoy it to your fullest!! 

and ahhhh i’m just happy to hear from all of you and hearing about your crushes leaves me feeling so warm and happy inside i just ahhhh BLESS YOUR FACE THOUGH thank you you’re honestly being too kind and i am thankful that you think i’m not a terrible person xD


I feel like a cheesesteak for doing that so I'm going to balance it out: gosh I really hope I can poop before the flight so my tummy doesn't hurt but like not too much poop? Then I'll get a poopy butt and when you sit down with poopy butt then you get poopy dingle dangle ew. I've sweat at least two buckets out of my back alone today too so gross. Dicks!

… and the moment’s ruined. 

thanks asshole. 

She's this crazy girl I've known her for a few years. She's into what I'm into, which is sweet. I can be pretty shy though so I every now and then I feel like I can't keep up. Because y'know, crazy. I guess it's a balancing out sort of thing right? Optimistically speaking? We're best friends so it's terrifying at times, but if you never try you never know. Either way, I miss her something fierce right now, but it's okay 'cause I'm flying back home tomorrow and I'll see you soon, Julia, love ya!

you made me cry and i hate you so much and i love you you stupid idiot and i’m so glad you’re coming home because i miss you something crazy and i can’t wait to hug you with all my heart