My crush is this skinny dark hair guy with mad facial hair. I haven't talked to him in a year because his girlfriend is all possessive and crazy. He and I were very close and that made things difficult. His birthday is coming up in a couple days and I'm tempted to wish him a happy birthday but I don't know how well that's going to go over. My friends tell me I should talk to him but I'm like, I don't want that pain in my life again.

oh man, i’m sorry! possessive partners in any relationship is always a bit of a downer, especially for people outside that relationship who have to bear the brunt of the jealousy. 

i do think what you have to realise is is that his girlfriend doesn’t have any say in who gets to be friends with him, if she does, then that is not a healthy relationship and he should probably get out of it. i know that sometimes doing something can possibly lead to very unpleasant situations happening, but if you care about this guy as a friend, then you have EVERY RIGHT IN THE WORLD TO WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

you’re not making a move on him, you’re not doing anything except wishing him well on his birthday. and if his girlfriend can’t handle that, then tell her calmly and rationally that she has no reason to be upset, and if she was a reasonable person she’d understand. if she doesn’t, then maybe it’s time to tell your friend to have a serious conversation with her.

personally, my opinion is: she doesn’t own him, she doesn’t own you. talk to him as a friend however much you want. 

I think it's very sweet what you're doing with this Crushes thing. Not only are you giving out good advice, but you also support all those who write to you and I think it's so important to know that you have someone on your side that you can confide to. So this goes out to you, you beautiful person! :)

oh my god, that is so so kind of you!! i literally just sat here for the last couple of minutes with a huge goofy grin on my face! i try my best and honestly, reading all of these messages make me to happy to hear how wonderful all these people are, and you’re so so kind and wonderful and thank you for this message!! 

I had a crush on a guy I had a few classes and did a group project with. He's quite tall, has dark brown hair, fanfiction green eyes (like Jensen Ackles), tons of tattoos and a voice so deep he could have voiced Smaug. He also plays in a band (drummer)...I have a huge soft spot for artists. He also used to just come up to me and talk to me, smile at me or look at me during classes. Just when I almost had the courage to ask him out, he just stopped talking to me and I don't know what happened.



DEEP VOICE TOO *silently screams*

IN A BAND *flails about violently*


you should pluck up that courage that you had and ASK HIM ABOUT IT. ask him why he stopped stalking to you and tell him why it confused you so much. and maybe ASK HIM OUT GIRL DON’T LOSE THAT COURAGE OF YOUR ASK THAT MAN OUT!!!!

I'm not sure if you're still doing this, but my crush is one of my friend's friends & he works with her at an amusement park. He's only here for the summer and he's from Cyprus. He has this awesome blue tattoo on his arm of circuits (something w/what he's going to school for) and he's so nice! When I hung out w/them he pretty much begged me to go with them when my friend dropped them off where they're living and later told my friend that he liked me and asked of I could hang out with them again.

still doing this love, have no fear ;)

AHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE excited for you! and oh my gosh, cyprus that’s so cool ahhhhh i hear it’s a beautiful place. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY HANG OUT WITH THEM AGAIN AND FILL ME IN ON HOW IT GOES!! :DDD

I have a crush on the cutest guy ever. He is older than me and omg he has a fantastic beard. He blushes from everything and has a good sense of humor as far as i can tell. He is a bit smaller/shorter than me and he has style and sass. He comes off as an intelligent and thoughfull man, and I would honestly like to get to know him better. Sometimes it feels like he does too, but I know it can never be that way. You can't date your teacher.


oh man that is super rough sweetheart i’m so sorry. i used to have the worst crush on a teacher of mine because he was a huge support during my rough years in high school he taught history and was tall and sweet and caring and also very very married and it took me a while to get over it (two years in fact so dw i know exactly how you feel)

the thing is to remember that having crushes on your teachers can be normal. a lot of times, teachers are the ones who are kind and caring and offer you great advice and it’s not hard to develop a crush on someone who seems to care about you a lot. but you gotta remember that while they may be genuine in being kind, he is at the end of the day, your teacher. he is obliged to help you grow as an individual, and the important thing is to not mistake that for romantic interest. that’s a can of worms we’d rather leave closed yeah? xD

but otherwise, he sounds like an amazing person, and who doesn’t love intelligence? style and sass are also huge plus! :D

There's this wonderful, beautiful girl in theatre. She's a talented actress, and a lovely person in general. Long brown hair, brown eyes that turn gold in the sun. We haven't talked as much since Summer started, but I'm looking forward to when I get to see her again. She's really the only woman I've had strong feelings for, and I don't really know how to tell her.

oh she sounds absolutely gorgeous!! actors and actresses impress me so much i always wonder how they get their talents sighhhh

oh man, go for it! ask her out for coffee! maybe, if you’re both into theatre, invite her out to a play or musical? if you like her a lot, then don’t let the chance slip by you! or you can do something simple and sweet or maybe just tell her honestly how you feel :DDD

you never know what will happen unless you go for it!! I’M ROOTIN’ FOR YOU!!

ahhh i met him last year at the summer camp i work at. i'm a lifeguard there and he's a counselor, and he's half mexican so he has beautiful smooth dark skin and we hooked up at camp but never went past making out. we didn't talk to each other over the school year but we're both working there again this summer and he grew his hair out so it's past his shoulders and wavy and gorgeous and we restarted our summer thing =D i don't know where it'll go but he's so pretty~ so there's my crush yeah =3

beautiful dark skin *FLAILS ARMS* AHHHHHHHHHH 

that’s so sweet aahhhh he sounds so gorgeous i’m almost jealous (shh don’t tell eleven pls omg)

i’m glad it seems like you’re having a lot of fun, which is great and fantastic! i hope everything goes well no matter which way it goes! :DD

My crush is the man I'm dating. He has brown eyes, and black hair. He's incredibly hairy and can grow a beard like a madman! He is the friendliest man I've ever met, and he constantly puts a smile on my face. He joined the Navy and he is away right now and it's killing me to be apart from him. But I get to see him in August :)


and mmmm lemme tell you i have a weakness for beards hahahahaha AND DAMN i’m sorry distance sucks so bad!! and wow, navy! that’s so cool oh my godddddddddd


My crush is this guy who doesn't like me anymore because I answered pretty bitchy after he was trying to talk me because I was so excited he even knew I existed. And now he ignored me since, like, two months and it makes me really sad that I'm so dumb and everything. Anyway, he's kinda like a male snow white, his skin is white as fucking milk and he's got black hair and reaaaally pretty lips and he's very cute and I got no letters left :( sorry, I just needed to tell someone how stupid I am. :(

oh honey, you’re not stupid! don’t think that. people get flustered and they do things they don’t mean to, and it’s fine! we’re humans, we make mistakes, and we learn from them. (:

have you tried talking to him again? maybe apologising for your rudeness the first time round and explain why you reacted the way you acted? i’m sure if he’s a great guy, he won’t hold it against you if you sincerely apologise. (if he does then screw him YOU DESERVE BETTER!!)


and never apologise for talking to me YOU AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS CAN TALK TO ME ANY TIME YOU LIKE AND I WILL ALWAYS ANSWER and if i don’t it’s because tumblr was stupid and ate your message or i missed it amongst a stack of other qs

My crush is this really sweet guy. We can talk about nothing, or the things we like whenever and for however long we want. We've only ever been "mad" at each other once in our history but quickly made up. He even remembers our anniversary of when we first met and does really sweet things for it. The problem is, he only sees me as a friend. I'm not saying "friend-zoned" cause he doesn't owe me anything, but sometimes it's a little frustrating, y'know? (That and he's not into my gender orz)

he sounds really great and you two sound like you really found a common ground with each other, you know? and he seems to be super sweet!

yeah, i know. it can be SUPER frustrating. and you know what? it is. i think it’s okay to feel like you’re ‘friendzoned’. it’s not the word that is bad, it’s the people who use the word and add bad intentions to it. friend zone means “they only see me as a friend and i’m disappointed about it” because let’s face it, everyone is allowed to be upset when someone doesn’t return their feelings. as long as you don’t use the term with a sense of “HEY THEY OWE ME because i’m nice” then i think it’s fine (: 

and shucks i’m so sorry to hear that. sexuality really is a bummer and it sucks when the person you like doesn’t consider your gender when they think of dating at all. if he is for certain not into you, then cherish the moments you have as friends! you guys sound like the best of mates and if anything, friendship is the most important thing to have in your life. maybe time will change things, maybe not, but he seems like the kinda guy who’d stick by you and always have your back :)

oh thank you dear, you're quite lovely the thing is that I'm not sure if he still has feelings for me or not but I feel like he might especially because a few days ago he was in a group and they were standing around and my sister was standing with them and one of them asked him if he still had feelings for me and he didn't say anything but tried to hide a smile (this is what she said haha) but I feel like if he didn't he would've just said no?? But idk I'm bad at this oh my

don’t worry hun. lemme tell you a secret: everyone is bad at this. relationships are a messy messy business, and even when it goes right it can still be messy as hell.

the best way to go about this is to ask yourself - is it worth trying to figure this out or not? whether he likes you again or not?

i know how it is after breaking up and not being able to get over the person you had feelings for because you spent so long loving them and thinking about them and being around them, and it is hard to get over someone. (it took me around a year to completely get over my ex)

if you really still do like him, then i’d reckon ask him. you have everything to gain in this situation - if he does feel the same way, maybe you can both work out your differences from the first time and try again? if he doesn’t, then it’s a good way to give yourself some peace of mind and a chance to start afresh! 

more often than not, at least in my experience, a guy appreciates it if you’re straightforward with him. i reckon pluck up your courage and ask him, and see how it goes from there! :D

Okay, my crush is my guy best friend. God its SOOO awful what a cliche! And he has a girlfriend. People used to think that we were together because of how he treats me and I remember we used to joke around people as if we are going to kiss but won't like DAMN I REALLY WANT TO KISS YOU THO UGH then he found out about this girl in my class and he keeps on asking me to help him out and yeah they've been together for 3 years. God my life is an awful cliche chick flick or something GOD

NO NO NOT A CLICHEEEEE (my bf was my best friend too and we got mistaken for being a couple as well hahahaha)

cliche chick flicks means that the protagonist always gets the man in the end though, doesn’t it? ;D 

but in all honesty, it was good of you to help him out with his relationship. be happy that he’s happy!! and he’s still your best guy friend, so you’re never going to lose that awesome friendship! and who knows, maybe in the future, there’s hope for you two as a couple!

next time, take the first step and ask him out! even if it doesn’t work, you guys are best friends and best friends won’t hold grudges against that sort’ve thing ;DDDD

My best friend's little brother. Dark curly hair, dark eyes, gives awesome hugs (because of his glorious musculature), and he's really goofy and probably flirts without meaning to, but he has a way of giving you his full attention when you speak....

man this boy sounds intense and super attractive!! :DDD

and you can never go wrong with someone who gives amazinnnnnng hugs because hugs are literally the best things in the world <3

i’d probably fall for that (hnnng glorious musclesssss)

a cute, brown skinned boy with doe eyes and hair down to his neck. he plays guitar in a band. we are close friends for more than four years now, and he supports me with my art as much as I support him in his music. we have basically the same tastes and opinions on mostly everything, and there is DEFINITELY a spark of attraction there; unless he stares at everyone's lips all the time or sth. swoon worthy really. However, he is currently dating someone else :/

eeeeee! i love boys who play instruments and ugh the guitar is to die for!! and awww shucks, the timing sucks, does it? but don’t give up hope, he might become unattached one day ;)

girl with the green-eyed boy - we both write a lot, mostly short stories, and we're trying to do Skype and letters right now too. he stretches the vowels of my name, sometimes low in his throat or silly and singsongy, and he always asks me to take pictures of the places i go so he can see what i see. he told me he doesn't mind waiting for me, for us, for the next year, and i feel the same, but it's hard to say where we'll be the next time we can be together for longer than two weeks.

ahhhhh i love writers! communication is always important. and ahhh if he doesn’t mind, then do you mind waiting for him? a year can be a long time, but also very short. a lot can change, or nothing can change much. even if it does change, change doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing.

a year of letters and communication can still work out in the long run! don’t give into doubts and insecurity too much. you’re still young! live with hope and optimism, that’s what i always say. (: