interesting how you're so anti social justice except when it comes to frozen

interesting how i don’t give a shit :DDDD

i'm so happy you passed, sweetie. i knew you could do it :) believe in yourself!


the reason everyone is "hating" on jennifer lawrence is because she's a transphobic/racist/sexist idiot and that is regardless of her acting talent she's just a gross human

proof please before you start spouting stuff like that or otherwise i’m going to call you a rude cowardly judgemental asshole who is also disgusting human in general for being such a hate filled individual.

you're far from worthless, i think you're fantastic. i know uni can be extremely stressful, but take it one day at a time. no one there is perfect because if they were they wouldn't be there. everyone is learning not only about the subject they're studying but about life as well. don't fret my love. i believe in you, completely and absolutely.

thank you so much. i know i say this a lot, but you nonnie saying this? it means a lot. it helps me in more ways than you know thank you thank you thank you. it’s just hard because i’m someone who gets stressed really really easily, and when faced with a mountain of work, i start doing it, realise i’ve barely made a dent and i just get more stressed until i’m hyperventilating and sobbing like a retard in a corner.

but akdhfjkadhf bleurgh you made me tear up thank you again so much. i really would love to give you a big big big hug right now. 

what program do you use to draw?? it looks great!

i use adobe photoshop cs6 (:

and sjkhafjkhdfkjadf shucks thanks so much :333

hello friend, i am sorry i wanted to have wished you a happy valentine's day yesterday, but i hit ask limit like 80 times. anyways, i hope it was great xoxo


thanks so much sweets <333

yes it was good, played video games with the bf and went out to dinner and ate far too much chocolate and then went home and died :3

Firstly I 100% respect your opinion on Frozen, but can I point out a few minor errors you've made in your judgement? I'm not trying to change your view just give you more insight maybe? It's explained earlier on in the film why Kristoff is raised by the trolls, as he follows the royal family there when they travel to help Anna after being struck, also is explained that Elsa was born with the powers (said specifically "not cursed") again, I'm not trying to belittle your opinion at all.

let me explain why it’s not errors that i’ve made:

where did kristoff come from? why was he raised by trolls and not his own parents? were they dead? or did he just pop out of the ground? that was never explained, regardless of what’s in the movie. he follows them there and a troll just decides to keep him. absolutely no background before that.  as i said - plot hole.

elsa is born with the powers - so why not anna? why elsa? is it inherited powers? unlikely, as both parents don’t have that power. was it completely random, just happened to be born with magic? that doesn’t explain anything since if she was the only one in her family with magic, that literally makes no sense. unless her grandparents had magic or what? if they did, then wouldn’t they have known what to do when she DID have magic? once again - PLOT HOLE. it would’ve made MORE sense IF she was cursed. this way, there is no roots or reason for her to have powers at all, she just does because plot.

i’m not trying to belittle your ask in return, but plot holes are fairly obvious and there is nothing in the film to back to up, and i didn’t make any errors. 

i'm genuinely curious as to why you thought frozen wasn't a particularly good movie? i'm not trying to devalue your opinion or disrespect it because your opinion is entirely legitimate! i am just wondering because everyone else really quite likes it so i just wanted to see what your reasons were if you don't mind explaining :)

no no, dw nonnie. i don’t mind you asking. sorry it took a while for me to reply, i’ve been away from home for a few days and haven’t checked messages since then. AND NOTE: THIS IS PURELY MY OPINION, WHICH I’VE TRIED TO BACK UP AS MUCH AS I CAN. you can disagree if you want.

my reasons for why frozen wasn’t a good movie:

  • poor script writing -
    VERY uninspired. the dialogue worked off one liners from all the characters with very little emotion behind it and a lot of jokes that were just ‘meh’. there were no stand out moments and very little emotional response from me. this didn’t help the plot at all, which brings me to the next point:

  • the plot holes were astounding -
    [SPOILERS] the movie rested on the fact that Elsa was “cursed” but they never explained how or why she had magic?? literally no explanation. no explanation why Anna couldn’t know Elsa had magic either after she got hit with the first ice blast - is it to prevent her from turning into ice? because she found out later and nothing happened. no explanation of why there were magical rock trolls who were “love experts.” why were they even necessary to the plot?? (i know it’s a scandinavian story, but trolls still weren’t necessary and appeared with no explanation as well). no background on kristoff or why he was raised by trolls either. basically: plot holes everywhere.

  • poor character development -
    and i blame this on the script writing again. Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans have a lot of potential, but it seemed like there were too many characters and not enough time to flesh all of them out, instead they became really flat and simple. SUPER disappointed since Elsa is supposed to be the other main character but she gets so little personality development it was just sad.

  • the soundtrack was very pedestrian and boring -
    i know, i know, everyone raved and screamed about idina menzel’s ‘let it go’ but it was just another belty pop ballad for me that would’ve worked better outside of the context of the film. the lyrics were the weakest past of the songs - incredibly average, served to merely tell the story and weren’t very creative or memorable. it was sad because disney is often known for fantastic and magnificent music and scores, especially during the days of Alan Menkin, but this couldn’t even begin to compare to any previous disney music. 

  • emotionally manipulative -
    despite knowing nothing about their parents of Elsa or Anna, we were supposed to care that the parents tragically died in a 10 second clip of a ship sinking. 
    Anna and Elsa barely have a proper interaction throughout the whole movie, yet Anna sacrifices herself for the Elsa. this i don’t mind, but i need to see some backing for this. some emotional backing that i can get behind that wasn’t just 2 minutes at the beginning of the movie.

  • side characters that took up too much time -
    i know a lot of people liked Olaf, but he was unnecessary. that was just it. he played NO ROLE in the movie, yet got so much screen time. the writers let Olaf take over the majority of the comic relief. all in all, it seems that the screenwriters behind Frozen simply tried too hard with Olaf’s character. sure, he’s occasionally funny, but he has absolutely no place in the larger scope of the narrative, and fails to forge any sort of meaningful relationship with another onscreen character. for the majority of his screen time after being introduced, Olaf is just sort of…there sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying, and never necessary. 


basically, to sum it all up, despite all the impressive visuals, and some refreshingly convention-breaking elements, but the film doesn’t nearly have the same charm and quality of care that it’s predecessor Tangled did. as i said before, it made me feel like i was watching either the 1st draft of a film that hadn’t been polished enough, or the 347th draft which had been worked and worked until nothing fits together anymore because of the revisions.

6/10, it’s far from a bad movie (i have been harsh on it due to the number of fanatics pissing me off). it’s good entertainment for kids, and it doesn’t require much thought. i give the score though mainly for the impressive animation and the convention breaking elements, but very little else. 


EDIT: just got linked to this other person’s review/rant about frozen, worth a read. mine is a lot lighter and i don’t go into anything past the movie basics flaws. this one goes a little more into racism and etc about the movie:

Wow finally someone on my dash who /isn't/ a Frozen/Disney apologist who blindly rambles about how it was the best movie in the world. Thank you.

I had high expectations for frozen the first time I saw it and ended up disappointed. But I watched it again and ended up enjoying it. I know you might not have the same experience but maybe it's something to consider?

well, i’m taking my two younger siblings on friday to the movies and they want to watch it so i’m going to have to see it again (they’re too young without adult supervision). i’m not expecting much on a rewatch tbh.

never mind, I found the episode :( what a letdown. do you think the writers will ever do anything with shenny?

I KNOW I KNOW (i’ve read your other messages nonnie and i assume you’ve figured out which episode it was :)

and yes, i’m almost 100% certain that shenny will probably never happen. as it stands, leonard is clearly still the ‘main’ character of the show, and penny is clearly meant to be the girl that the main guy gets with. i’m nowhere near satisfied with the level/quality of writing in the show, it is ridiculous and appalling and the way they write penny… don’t even get me started. it’s a lazy show, and hence reasons why i’ve stopped watching.  

BUT i still ship shenny because i can see so much potential in the characters, but i don’t see it ever happening on the show. 

this is why we have fanfiction ;)

The fact that you love Brandon Flowers makes me love you even more.

oh nonnie, bless your sunglasses-wearing face. just for you, i’m gonna post more brandon <3

because everyone needs more brandon on their dash


setkhdjakjghdkjghajkdghkdalghlakdghag i’m dying

What if Tom Hiddleston became, let us say, the thirteenth Doctor. Reactions?


i’m not sure i’d be too big a fan of it. since he’s super well known, i’d rather the role go to someone less well known across the globe, if you know what i mean? tom already has a very big fanbase, and i don’t see him working on a long term tv show like doctor who anyway.

just my two cents though, i’d still be excited if it did happen, i just don’t particularly think it’s going to or a good choice (in terms of commitments). (:

What do you study at UTS? (different anon) :)

(all you stalker nonnies :P)

i study bachelor of visual communications (graphic design)